IT & Operationals
The auto-gration Connektor acts as a communicator between the internal ERP system of the SME and the EDI systems of its larger partners to allow the exchange of orders, delivery instructions, despatch advices, invoices and various other structured business documents.

The Connector sits between a company’s databases or EDI platform and the outside world. It uses a generic ‘auto-gration XML’ format which facilitates a quick and secure data exchange via the internet. If the receiver also uses the auto-gration connector, the incoming XML can be converted into whichever EDI ‘language’ the receiver organisation uses. Best of all, it is available from ROTAS free of charge.


  • Secure Communication via HTTP/S
  • Database Journal for all Transactions include Archiv
  • Web-based Userinterface
  • Call external programs for additional functionality
  • Workflow and Notification


Alle Infos zu auto-gration im "First Contact"

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