Knowledge for decision-makers

auto-gration is the e-standard used for electronic data exchange bewteen companies of the european automotive industry.


If you like to quickly place your orders, deliverynotes or invoices as well as cut costs, electronic data exchange via auto-gration is a must-have for you.


Your benefits:

  • No duplicate data entry of order data in the Aftermarket / Supply-Chain
  • Always available: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • No mistakes due to manual data entry
  • Intensifying already existing business relationships


Receiving all necessary information with our "First Contact" formula.


If you would like to participate in electronic data exchange with auto-gration, it is possible for you to use our "First Contact" formula.


You will receive a PDF containing all necessary information concering auto-gration as well an ROI calculator with whom it is possible to calculate your saving potential by using auto-gration.